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If you have been an agent for more than a few years, I am sure you know all about lead generation. It is changing almost every day. Here is some information and tips for Lead Generation

  • Look at multiple sources for your website and analyze the lead capture and follow up systems/CRM that comes with it
  • Create multiple landing pages for yourself, for buyers and sellers. The more lead pages and resources you have, the better.
  • Get a professional Bio video made, video for business is huge and tells a story much better than words and pictures in this day and age.
  • Hire an ISA or virtual assistant to make calls to FSBO and Expired Listings and to call your leads. We recommend This Company
  1. Referrals are incredibly important as they represent a huge opportunity for new business. You should always be asking for referrals and asking for referrals and figuring out creative ways to get more. You can always use a lead program for this or a referral company, but your existing network is free and should also be utilized.
  2. Facebook and Google advertising is crucial.Everyone uses these sites daily, some people use them all day. You can target you ideal client or demographic through paid adverting and get instant traffic and leads. If you need tips on advertising, check out this blog from facebook or you can hire this company


Here are some ideas and tips for generating more leads

In this article we’ll present you with four real estate marketing ideas to help you capitalize on these opportunities and get more seller leads.

    1. Offer Incentives
      To generate solid referrals, strike while the iron is hot! After you hand over the keys, show your buyers you appreciate them and provide great follow-up to help solicit referrals.

        • Offer your buyers a small congratulatory closing gift or a gift card
        • Print business cards, magnets, note pads, pens, calculators and other branded items. Check outThis Company if you need ideas or promo items made
        • Since closing is a hectic time, follow up with your buyers in a week to thank them again – and remind them that you’d love any referrals

      Referrals from past clients may not guarantee you seller leads, but this is a great way to open that channel with minimal effort.

    2. Go After For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Listings
      90% of sellers who attempt to sell their own property aren’t able to complete the transaction. They also lack marketing expertise, professional photography, staging and uploading the listing to multiple portals and websites. Most FSBOs do not selldue to some combination of inexperience, limited resources, poor marketing and overpricing.Trying to sell a home is very difficult and stressful, especially when you don’t have a background in real estate. Use your expertise and resources to let these sellers know that you can help them! Look up FSBO listings on Craigslist and on Zillow and reach out to offer your services – perhaps a free consultation – to take full advantage of this technique. If you do not have experience or time to do this. This company will call FSBOs and Expireds for you. Check out www.RealEsales.com3. Call Expired Listings

Why do listings expire? Much like we discussed with FSBO properties, it’s typically because the expired listing is overpriced or is not being marketed well. Maybe the agent was inexperienced or lacked marketing knowledge or budgets. Maybe the property did not have good or enough photos. Once again, you have the opportunity to pitch your value as an Agent

In contrast to the FSBO method, you’ll need to rely on your MLS to pull a list of expired listings. Sellers with expired listings may already be working with another agent – but considering that the listing is still on the market and unsold, they may be motivated to explore all options.

Reach out to the seller to let them know that you can help them with their stalled listing. Come up with a game plan on how you will generate exposure for the listing. If the plan is good and pricing is in line with expectations, you may well find yourself representing the seller moving forward!  If you do not have experience or time to do this. This company will call FSBOs and Expireds for you. Check outwww.RealEsales.com

Facebook is always going to a big source for leads – you can create new leads through your fan page and through ads. You can create new clients through your personal page and ask for referrals. You can showcase listings, your websites, home evaluations, your videos. And a lot more. If you do not have experience with this, you can hire an agency.

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Which techniques work best for you? Let us know in the comments.